Artifact – ‘Archaic Line’ (Deadplate Records)

The influx of new labels to the UK bass music is usually accompanied with a sense of struggle. It seems to me that in attempting to start a business based on passion it is difficult to coalesce the sense of style and progression with the inevitable starting point of no funds and experience. Attempting to build a name for oneself on the basis of truly underground artists initial work is no easy feat. Deadplate records is no exception to this struggle. However with first release ‘Booty Call’, by Lung and Maxx Roach, set Deadplate off too a flying start. With London based DJ Synamatix at the head, the label has already formed a dedicated family of likeminded artists including Randomer, James Fox and Hackman. With a deep percussive sound being the flavour of the initial releases they have already contributed significantly to my UK bass spectrum.

Introductions aside, it gives me great excitement to announce that we all have reason to dust off the needle and spin some fresh wax. The second release focusses on Bristol producer Artifact, whoʼs produced some fresh percussive house to aid in the dance and fill your ears with the joy of a group of nasty cherubs skanking to the rhythm of stampeding bulls.

The title track ‘Archaic Line’ starts with a flurry of high hats and woody percussion, underlying bedded chords and deep sine bass lift the track into marching house territory, complete with cowbells and shakers to compliment the purposeful stabbing synth lines. Importantly the release has ʻmotivationʼ; it rings true with the mastery of ʻthe three Rʼsʼ; repetition, repetition repetition – all great ingredients for house.

With ‘Deserted’, Artifact keeps with the polarised tones of metallic stabbing synths and deep subs, this time with more break percussion and a haunting vocal. On the flip new talent Graphics remixes ‘Archaic Line’, who bestows upon us a funkier feel to the song, seamlessly maintaining a lot of the sentiment of Artifactʼs production, whilst combining it with some true 80ʼs vibes.

I’m not going to spend anymore time describing something that you need to hear – the rest is up to you my friends – but I for one can’t wait to slip it into my collection.

Jamie Neville

‘Archaic Line’ is released via Deadplate Records on January 23.

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