Alfie – ‘Hy-Brasil’ EP (Space + Time)

Alfie’s first EP for Space + Time Records is a solid, four-track house affair entitled ‘Hy-Brasil’, a highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s ‘About Midday’/’Uncomfortably Numb’.

That record dropped via BlahBlahBlah in July, announcing Alfie as one of the more refined, young talents in UK house and getting spins from the likes of Claude VonStroke, Oneman, Addison Groove, Skream and Four Tet. His new EP sees three refreshingly varied experiments within a simple house template, and is a marked progression from his debut.

If you’re not buying this recent wave of producers breathing life into classic house though, the title track probably isn’t for you. That said, it’s undeniably well executed and, for such a young producer, impressive authentic. Throughout the track vintage keys emerge from beneath reverb to eventually lead the track, riding on top of sturdy kicks, shuffling cymbals and a singular high-pitched tom. Of this wave Citizen is amongst the very best, he is drafted in to re-invent ‘Hy-Brasil’ and does so with style. His version strips back some of the atmosphere and emphasises a vocal chop into a noticeably more lively cut but, to Alfie’s credit, sticks close to its original.

‘Growing Apart’ takes a darker turn with the punchy kicks becoming more of a focal point. Acid synths appear sporadically, giving the track a big-room flavour and balancing out the airy chords above. ‘The Testament’ is the toughest of the three originals and, for me, the standout. Fast-release compression on-and-around the kicks gears it for peak-time club use, and it certainly sounds much closer to Techno than House. 4×4 bell hits keep everything functional and, once the vocal disappears, the track is strikingly raw. It rounds off a classy EP with something for everyone, another step in the right direction for a promising artist and label alike.

The ‘Hy-Brasil’ EP is out now.

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