2562 – ‘The New Today’ (When In Doubt)

2562 aka A Made Up Sound aka Dave (Huismans), releases his fourth album via his own When In Doubt imprint this month, adding to the flurry of releases from the tail-end of this year that have each displayed the strength of high-quality, deeply artistic electronic music being produced at the moment. The album was crafted over two parts, taking inspiration from time spent in New York; informed by a wide variety of sounds and cultures, then honed at his home studio, which gives it an introverted touch; seeming to almost be an exploration of his own musical approaches and the experiments he carried out in the making of it.

‘The New Today’ is a brooding, changeling piece that fluctuates between ethereal shimmers and stiff tension throughout. Rhythmically it explores a number of avenues that give it an intriguing depth; polyrhythms on tracks ‘Cosmic Bounce’, ‘Drumroll’ and ‘Cauldron’ show off a touch of atmosphere and more worldly influences than the droning elements on tracks ‘Arrival’, ‘Utopia’ and ‘New Life’, which give a deeper grounding to the existing influences that have been inferred in much of his early work – see ‘Nocturnal Drummers’.

There are of course, plenty of elements that augment the abstractions of this study of experimentation and create an atmosphere that would not be entirely out of place on a dance floor.  This balance of production technique and creative approach towards wildly different sounds stitches artistry into the fabric of the piece. There is diversity in tonality throughout the piece which makes it difficult to judge which mood might be portrayed in the next track, keeping the listener guessing. The album is typical of Huismans’ previous styling’s but takes newer, darker turns and ultimately revitalizes his own sound.

‘The New Today’ is out now on When In Doubt. You can order your copy (vinyl, CD and digital) here.

Oliver Todd

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