Reprezent Radio takeover with XGLARE

Reprezent Radio takeover with XGLARE

Continuing our Reprezent Radio residency with Brooklyn sound designer XGLARE.

Every second Thursday of each month sees us take over 107.3’s airwaves for a two hour dose of the most exciting and innovative music we can get our hands on, unbounded by genre and throwing spotlight on a number of rising producers we feel are making exciting movements across the scene.

This week we were joined by Brooklyn newcomer XGLARE. A producer, sound designer, and multimedia artist, XGLARE hails from Brooklyn and hones a style that balances warped sound design, unearthly atmospheres and experimental rhythms. Her latest EP, Morph EPfor fellow New Yorker Falty DL’s Blueberry Records imprint, yields heavy atmospheres, with beats and dance elements taking center stage alongside impossibly powerful, almost elemental transitions.

We also featured new music from Keysound producer Otik, who joins us for our Hyponik party at Rye Wax next week, Moniker, Martyn, Galtier, and Par Avion Recordings.


XGLARE – Plexus
Ron Trent – I Feel The Rhythm
Maddslinky – It Was U
Biome – ?
Martyn – Cutting Tone
Moniker – Groove Only
Beneath – PVO
o.utlier – Eastbound
Troy Gunner – Echolalia
Walton – Mad Zapper
Juniper – They came to find us
Henry Greenleaf – ?

Otik – Latex
Otik – Top Ten
Otik – True Level

STL – Leaving Peaceful
Galtier – Balms
Aurora Halal – ?
Jay Daniel – Brainz
Actress – Doggin’
E-Unity – ?
Ploy – Zoom


Glossata – Lampsace
A-V – Hitman (Ani Klang Remix)
Masaki Uchida – Dolci
Skee Mask – Panorama
Peter Seligman – hollows
XGLARE – Fossa (Feat. ARIADNE)
ARIADNE – greif devine
Arovane & Phonem – Blacksoil
XGLARE – Lymph
Syndrom IX – Kpton
XGLARE – Morph
Asusu – Dualism


Truska – ?
Patricia – Feel Your Body
Dreamscape (Kassem Mosse Remix)
Gene on Earth – Maxi

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