Reprezent Radio takeover with R.O.S.H.

Reprezent Radio takeover with R.O.S.H.

Continuing our Reprezent Radio residency with techno comedian R.O.S.H.

Every second Thursday of each month sees us take over 107.3’s airwaves for a two hour dose of the most exciting and innovative music we can get our hands on, unbounded by genre and throwing spotlight on a number of producers we feel are making exciting movements across the scene.

This week we were joined by UK producer R.O.S.H. First appearing on Bristol label Drumz For Eternity, the Hertfordshire producer crafts bracing club music with a vast array of influences, whilst also working as a professional mixing engineer by trade. His guest mix for us was by far our most entertaining yet, with R.O.S.H. taking over hour 2 and offering a hilariously bizarre lost episode of his ‘Late Night Phoneline’ show. Whilst we realise this might be a mystery to our readers, we simply advise you read on for R.O.S.H.’s introduction below and hit the play button.

“This is a recently found recording of the rare late night phone in with R.O.S.H. The date of the dusty cassette is unknown and appears to be the only surviving episode.

In tonight’s show R.O.S.H. and his producer Sophie encounter a series of technical problems while a catastrophe happens on the outside world. Battling with the myriad of issues and using only info gathered from an eccentric cast of regular callers, R.O.S.H. attempts to piece together the breaking news.”


Demdike Stare – Haxan [Modern Love] Lee Gamble – Mimas Skank [Pan] Shelley Parker – Angel Oak (Ploy Remix) [Hessle Audio] K Lone – In The Dust Of The Planet [Wisdom Teeth] STL – Silent State [Smallville] Donato Dozzy – Cassandra (Fred P. Remix) [Spazio Disponible] Sei A – Mode Static [Mode A] Actress – Untitled 7 [Ninja Tune] Antony Naples – El Portal [The Trilogy Tapes] Batu – Don’t [Hessle Audio] Forest Drive West -Traveller [Livity Sound] AAAA – Sleepy 4 Life [Acid Avengers] Reptant – Monolith [Planet Euphorique] Karima F – Random Loop From Doepfer Site [Schloss] Norman Nodge – Tacit Knowing [Ostgut Ton] Hodge – Night Run [Berceuse Heroique] Beneath – Outsource [A14] Deena Abdelwahed – Tawa [iDeal Music] Overmono – Yell0w Tail [Whities] Quirke – Ttransport Craving [Whities] Funkystepz – Fuller Rev VIP [Hyperdub] R.O.S.H. – Will I Make The Turn (Negative Space [Ma])

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