Reprezent Radio takeover with Orson

Reprezent Radio takeover with Orson

Continuing our Reprezent Radio residency with Version bossman Orson. 

Every second Thursday of each month sees us take over 107.3’s airwaves for a two hour dose of the most exciting and innovative music we can get our hands on, unbounded by genre and throwing spotlight on a number of producers we feel are making exciting movements across the scene.

Rightly earning the title of Germany’s 140 ambassador, Orson (Sieverding) has been avidly pushing bassweight outside of its London home since 2006. An early player of the DMZ and FWD raves, the Düsseldorf-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer was a regular contributor to Germany’s renowned electronic music publication De:bug, and video-documented much of London’s grime and dubstep scene throughout its flourishment.

Now operating from Berlin, Orson heads up VERSION, the record label and event series that has hosted everyone from Mala to Laurel Halo, and continues to push innovative sub low pressure from prospects like Agrippa and Yak.


Piezo – the Mandrake (Version)
Batu – Don’t
VIVEK – Galactic
Kassem Mosse – Cycle Blue
Auntie Flo – Kabsa
Kahn and Neek – Backchat
Elgato – Blue
Cooly G – Narst (Hyperdub)
Hard house Banton – Prep For War
Funkystepz – Fuller Rep VIP
Joe – Studio Power On
Kuedo – Vectoral
A Made Up Sound – Rework
Ill Blu – Dragon Pop
Logos – Kowloon (Keysound)
East Man & Walton – Gunshot
Mosca – Don’t Take This Wrong Way

Orson Mix

Orson – Agadir (Version)
Henry Greenleaf – Masterpiece Jam
Lurka – Stay Let’s Together (Wisdom Teeth)
Avernian – Ruka
Mickey Pearce – Reflux Stance (Accidental Records)
Yilan – Regression (Infinite Machine)
Yak – Umbra (Version)
K-Lone – Batacuda (Wisdom Teeth)
Orson – Toxic Waste (Version)
Henry Greenleaf – Balal
Pugilist – Untitled (Sub Basics)
Henry Greenleaf – Tare
Lamont – Dominant
Bakongo – Disposition (Livity Sounds)
singlewhitefemale – Air Bubble (Ikonika Edit) (SWF)
Squane – No Rest For The Wretched
Noire – Ballas (3024)
Scratchaclart – Reload Ayers

Special Request – Double Rainbow (Houndstooth)
Zomby & Wiley – Step 2001 (Instrumental)

Orson’s Delivero EP is out now.

Buy it here.

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