Reprezent Radio takeover with India Jordan

Reprezent Radio takeover with India Jordan

Continuing our Reprezent Radio residency with Local Action star India Jordan. 

Every first Friday of each month sees us take over 107.3’s airwaves for a two hour dose of the most exciting and innovative music we can get our hands on, unbounded by genre and throwing spotlight on producers and artists making exciting movements across the scene.

Our March takeover saw us joined by Local Action star India Jordan. The Doncaster-born, London based producer and DJ comes fresh off a busy 2019, having released their debut EP DNT STP MY LV and follow up singles WARPER and H.U.R.L (alongside Finn).

All enjoying heavy club rotation, India’s also remained busy across the rave circuit, curating ambient social New Atlantis in Peckham, Keep Hush lineups and making a Boiler Room debut. For our radio special, India comes loaded with high-rolling club pressure from DJ Firmeza, Paul Blackford, Josh B and more. We also play new sounds from from Nazar, Karima F, Calibre and K-LONE.


K-Lone – Cocoa
Jan Jelinek – They, Them
Linkwood – Pumpernickel
Motorbass – Get Funked Up Electrophunk Remix
Madteo – Evol On
Nazar – Airstrike (Hyperdub)
Ploy – Zoom
DJ Richard – Zero
Skee Mask – Junt
Walt J – Reborn
Maurizio – Domina (Maurizio Mix)
Actress – Shadow From Tartarus
Citizen Boy – Hlasela
Roska – I Need Love
Holloway – Turn Up ft. Logan
Horsepower Productions – Log On (Dub)
India Jordan – Bulbausaur Shuffle
Textassy – Deja Vu Bass
Girl Unit – Queen B
Phuturistix – 551 Blues
Falty DL – My Friends Always Say
Karima F – Falconhoof
Wizzbit – Jam Hot
Calibre – Break That

India Jordan Tracklist:

Al Wootton – Over
Peaks Beats – Twizzle Me This
Megaton – Motion (Slapjack remix)
DJ Firmeza – Intens
G3 – drum 2 (peanut)
Section 13 – Freak the Funk
Gnork – 3am (And Already Happy)
Stones Taro – To Rave
Paul Blackford – Simple Things
India Jordan – Emotional Melodical
Jurango – stfu
Todd Edwards – Come Around
Josh B – Finally (dub mix)

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