Reprezent Radio takeover with Cocktail Party Effect

Reprezent Radio takeover with Cocktail Party Effect

Continuing our Reprezent Radio residency with club experimentalist Cocktail Party Effect. 

Every first Friday of each month sees us take over 107.3’s airwaves for a two hour dose of the most exciting and innovative music we can get our hands on, unbounded by genre and throwing spotlight on a number of producers we feel are making exciting movements across the scene.

Our June takeover saw us joined by Berlin based DJ, producer and dBs Music tutor Cocktail Party Effect. With previous releases on Pinch’s Cold Recordings, Headcount Records and R&S’s sublabel Apollo Records as Kasket, Cocktail Party Effect’s productions cross between the worlds of IDM, dubstep, techno, ambient and beyond.

Across his thirty minute mix he spins tracks from Walton, LSDXOXO, Eomac and Tenebre alongside his own forthcoming dubs. We also feature new sounds from Timedance, Rhythm Section, Apron Records, VERSION, Soul Jazz Records and more.


Cocktail Party Effect – Quite [Cold Recordings] Cocktail Party Effect – Inside Out Inside In [Gradient Audio] Cocktail Party Effect – Donkey Fight [Fox and Hound Recordings] Batu – False Reeds [Timedance] Ambien Baby – Sedated [Isla] FYI Chris – ? [Rhtyhm Section] Mr. G – Pepsi [REKIDS] Seven Davis Jr – P.A.R.T.Y [Apron Records] Seb Wildblood – Bad Space Habits
Soundbwoy Killah – Love Stealing [Warehouse Rave] Kode9 – Magnetic City [Soul Jazz] Yak – Mido [VERSION] Head high – It’s A Love Thing [Power House] Millie & Andrea – Temper Tantrum [Daphne] Demdike Stare – Spitting Brass [DDS] Sin Falta – Noh Mas [
Equiknoxx – Waterfalls in Ochos Rios [DDS] Plastician – Lightning Bolt
Annex Crew – Summerbounce [Soul Jazz Recods] Roska – Level Up [RKS]

Cocktail Party Effect mix

Keplrr – Translucence PM
2562 – Embrace
Martyn – Everything About You
Alix Perez – Spooked
Zenker Brothers – Sample Predator [Ilian Tape] Unknown Artist – Bad Organs [HATE] Africa Hitek – Seek Em Step
Trim Feat Riko Dan – Trousers
Doctor Doggo – The Doggo Bomber

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