Reprezent Radio takeover with Agrippa

Reprezent Radio takeover with Agrippa

Thursday March 15 saw us at Hyponik head out in full force to Brixton’s Reprezent Radio, marking the first of a monthly residency on the broadcasting station. 

Moving forward, every second Thursday of each month will see us take over 107.3’s airwaves for a two hour dose of the most exciting and innovative music we can get our hands on, unbounded by genre and throwing spotlight on a number of rising producers we feel are making exciting movements across the scene.

This week we were joined by emerging talent Agrippa. Championed by the likes of Swamp 81, Madam X and Peverelist, Agrippa’s direct, bassweight brand of perc-driven post-dubstep wonkiness will see a long awaited debut 12” arriving in April on Berlin-based Version. He’ll also be launching his label alongside close friends and promising prospects Meta and Henry Greenleaf.

Hear the show in full and check the tracks played below…


Ali Asker – Concatenate
The Maghreban – Mr.Brown
Tessela – Glisten
Beneath – Special Offer
Cliques – Chro
Chungo – Downstairs
Taraval – Stan’s Loon
AshTreJenkins – Skitz
Simo Cell – Stop The Killing
Hodge – Beneath The Two Moons
Airhead – Believe
Matthew Herbert – Sing it back (Tasteful Dub)
Neue Grafik – Dance To Yemanja
Lowtec – Silver
Proc Fiskal – Hello Boss
Proc Fiskal – A Fragrance

Appriga Guest mix:

Interview Background: Phenomyna – Earthfall (Nuron remix) [ART5.1] Agrippa – Bezoar [Dub] JoshLo – Circuit [Dub] Lo Chi – ????? [Forthcoming] Meta – ????? [Forthcoming] Agrippa – Harbour Run [Forthcoming Version011] Agrippa – ????? [Dub] Lack – Untitled [Dub] Agrippa – Flaw Model [Dub] Lamont – Dope [Dub] Henry Greenleaf – The Way VIP [Forthcoming] Agrippa – It was the Blurst of Times [Forthcoming] Henry Greenleaf – Three on Four [Dub] Paleman – Paranoid Loop [PLMN002]

Mygraine Urgraine / Harbour Run is out April 20 on Version. 

More info here.

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