Reprezent Radio takeover: Club Love with Sim Hutchins

Reprezent Radio takeover: Club Love with Sim Hutchins

Continuing our Reprezent Radio residency with your favourite raver Sim Hutchins. 

Every first Friday of each month sees us take over 107.3’s airwaves for a two hour dose of the most exciting and innovative music we can get our hands on, unbounded by genre and throwing spotlight on producers and artists making exciting movements across the scene.

Uk producer, video artist and longtime Hyponik favourite Sim Hutchins has always been clear that his mission is to “save club music”.  Following up his 8-track ‘rave requiem’ Clubeighteen2thirty of last year, Sim’s latest experiment and return to Local Action might be his most spangled take on club culture yet, as three-track EP Club Love comes joined by an interactive online project that asks friends, family and listeners to call in and leave a voice note that explains what the idea of “Club Love” means to them. The rave stories are then played back randomly over Sim’s music via the Club Love website.

With 10,000 site visits in the first day and the Club Love number flooded with submissions that includes a rave tale by one of Hyponik’s own, we invited Sim onto our final show of 2019 to talk us three of his favourite tracks to grant Club Love Anthem™ status to. We also play a selection of our favourite pieces from the year by Midland, Parris, Yaleesa Hall, Ladymonix, Violet, Two Shell and more.


Midland – First Tube (Life and Death)
Leif – First Image (Livity Sound)
Hodge – Conjecture (Pollen)
Parris – Dusty Glass Bubbles (3024)
D.Tiffany – Get Back To You Soon (Pacific Rhythm)
Midland – Tortuga (Graded)
Neon Chambers – Apollo (Dekmantel)
Sylvester – After Da Party (Meda Fury)
Loidis – The Floating World (& All Its Pleasures)
Blackstone – Samba Oscura (RnS)
Yaleesa Hall & Malin – First Carol (Will and Ink)
Actress – Runner (Ninja Tune)
Etch – Heart Transplant
Peka – Cookie Nations (Pogo)
Stylistic – People (Soul Revolution)
Geology – Moon Circuitry
Martyn – Vancouver (Head High Remix)
Shanti Celeste – Infinitas (peach discs)
Ladymonix – In Flight (Self-released)
Julio Bashmore – Jubilee (Al Wootton Remix)
Martyn – Mega Drive Generation (Hyperdub)
Zero Db – Party girl (Mac Bruk remix)
Violet – Above the Clouds
Mor Elian – Farewell to the snare
Sim Hutchins – Can’t Fide Love In The Club

Sim Hutchins – Three Club Love Picks:

A Guy Called Gerald – Silent Cry
MK – Burning
Actress – Maze

Squane – Vesta (Jelly Bean Farm)
Dawn & Sween – Dystopian
Vladimir Dubyskin – Serious Attack (Macro)
Martin Depp – London Massive (Dr Shemp’s Nike 110’s remix) (Pogo)
Horsepower Productions – Stranger (81)
Stenny – ElasTCT (Ilian Tape)
Two Shell – Heart Piece (Livity)
Fio Fa – In To Da Groove (Pear)
Karenn – Peel Me Easy (Voam)

Club Love is out now on Local Action.

Buy the record here.

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