Zomby debuts on Bedouin Records with ‘Vanta’ EP

“An insight into his darkest…”

Last appearing in 2017 on Modern Love with his Eski grime concept album Mercury’s Rainbow, Zomby now returns with Vanta, a five-track EP inspired by Vantablack, the blackest known substance on earth that prevents stray light from entering telescopes.

His first release on Salem Rashid’s Bedouin Records, the label describe the record as “Zomby giving us an insight into his darkest”, creating soundscapes that redetermine his access to techno by “developing a language that is archaic.”

Ahead of Vanta’s release, Bedouin Records are streaming Zomby’s acid techno cut ‘Zexor’, which you can stream in full below.


1. Void
2. Bleed
3. Emerald
4. Threshold
5. Zexor

Vanta is out May 17 on Bedouin Records.

Preorder the EP here.

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