Will Saul & Tee Mango announce new project Primitive Trust

Aus Music boss Will Saul and music producer/fashion designer Tom Mangan, aka Tee Mango announce a string of EP’s to be released over the course of four months. 

Reconnecting at a festival in Mexico, the two friends decided a collaboration in the studio was the only way forward. Using the only gear available to them, the idea to embrace ‘randomness’ and commit to trusting their instincts lay the foundations behind the project.

The three EP’s released in the next coming months will see original tracks and a remix on each, with unique artwork and an illustration by all-around visual auteur Geoff Mcfetridge.

‘Power On’, the title track of the first release, is available to stream below.


1. Power On
2. Time To Love
3. Power On (Skatebard Remix)

Power On, the first of the three EP’s, is out July 14 via Aus Music.

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