Whities to release 6 track EP from Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy

Nic Tasker’s Whities are set to release a new conceptual EP on September 6th 2019. It comes from German trio Carl Gari & Egyptian poet Abdullah Miniway, and is the follow up to their 2016 release on Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes.

Whilst on their travels Carl Gari met Miniway in Cairo and “got along [with him] immediately”, spending their time there in the recording studio, ignoring the sights the city had to offer. Once this initial work was released for Trilogy tapes, and with a broader vision in mind it was clear that Miniway would have to move from Egypt amidst growing domestic turmoil, and a harsh regime targeting artists speaking out against government and religion.

With Miniway now settled in Paris, the group are now readying their new body of work, The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor. Speaking on the record Carl Gari member Jonas Yamer writes ” “The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor” is the poem of “B’aj بعاج”, where Abdullah as the protagonist is committing suicide through jumping from the 8th floor of a building in Cairo”, stating “While falling down he describes the scenes that happen on the balconies – a scene for each floor and its balcony – and paints a dark picture of Egyptian society”.

You can stream the EP in full over on the Whities Bandcamp.

01. Zawaj زواج
02. A’laj علاج
03. Zyaj زياج
04. Haj حاج
05. B’aj بعاج
06. Hela هيلا

The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor releases September 6th 2019 via Whities.

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