White Material’s Young Male Headlines New Audio Visual Series

Our friends over at Inverted Audio are launching a new event series on November 13th, taking place at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

With a focus on the darker realm of the experimental electronic music spectrum, each event will feature a headliner playing live or a DJ playing vinyl, accompanied by a bespoke audio visual installation with the aim of creating “an atmospheric setting of multisensory stimulation.”

Young Male, co-founder of the White Material label alongside DJ Richard, will headline the debut event with his multi-faceted, working man’s Techno live show – consisting of a  RolandTR909  drum  machine,  a  mixer,  guitar  FX  pedals,  and  spooky  atmospherics played through an iPod. The visuals will be provided by talented London-based visual artist Matilda Skelton Mace (see an image of her work below), who will be installing her “psychedelic  data  bending  and  photographic  collage” light sculptures at the Bussey Building,  connecting  with  the  music  to create a “magnetic audiovisual experience.” 

Inverted  Audio  Founder  and  Editor-in-Chief  Antepop  will  be on warm-up duty with a choice selection of House and Techno cuts, while their in-house audio/visual wizard Em Ju Es Aj Si will round things off with a visceral assortment of four-to-the-floor bangers.


RSVP here and pick up tickets here. 

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