Watch A Classic Vampire Horror Film With Shed’s Live Soundtrack

Shed’s new soundtrack has been uploaded to YouTube synced with the classic horror film ‘Nosferatu’

At the end of last year, René Pawlowitz (aka Shed) performed a live soundtrack at the Berghain for the classic German expressionist film ‘Nosferatu’. A few days ago he made a slightly shorter version of the piece available for free download on his website, which you can now also listen to accompanied by the relevant footage.

Suitably haunting and relentless in places, Pawlowitz’s music adds a new dimension to the film, over 90 years since its original release. He’s not the first artist to compose a new soundtrack for the film (as much of the original score was lost), but it’s unlikely many others have put Techno and Vampire together.

The soundtrack, named ‘The NOS Project’ is an entirely different sonic atmosphere than his ‘Megatrap’ release as Head High earlier this year, but it’s every bit as enticing. Get your popcorn out, turn off the lights and enjoy…

You can download the audio via Pawlowitz’s website.

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