Watch Paul white dig for samples at Maunsell Sea Forts in ‘Field Trips’

Bonafide TV present Field Trips, a mini-documentary series that focuses on the sonic-art of field recording and the culture of sound exploration.

In collaboration with Shure microphones, their first short film features South London beat-maker and R&S affiliate Paul White, who travels to Maunsell Sea Forts in the Thames Estuary which, built during World War II, were also secret home to pirate radio stations in the ’70s.

Armed with a Shure Mv88 MOTIV microphone, Paul captures everything from ocean ambience, creaking iron doors, metal lampshades, discarded machinery and drumsticks tapping on radiators.

“The difference between me coming here (the forts) and getting recordings here versus getting a sample back delivered to the studio, is the whole experience. So when I’m listening to the recordings I take home, they will have more life, and there will be a whole memory attached”

Watch the video in full and hear the recordings below.

Watch episode 1 of FieldTripsWhat happens when you send the UK’s finest beatmaker to the UK’s most mysterious location?
Watch episode 1 of FieldTrips: Feat Paul White (R&S Records) #MadeWithMOTIV

Posted by Bonafide Magazine on Friday, 8 September 2017


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