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Detroit-born rapper Danny Brown is one of a kind. His last two albums – 2011’s XXX and 2013’s Old – met widespread acclaim for their twisted take on contemporary rap. Brown’s most recent and highly anticipated full-length, Atrocity Exhibition(named after a Joy Division song of the same name) landed via electronic music powerhouse Warp Records in September.

The album saw Brown’s deeply cathartic verses dart atop instrumentals that drew from a staggering array of styles, with collaborators on the record ranging from Warp labelmates Kelela and Evian Christ to South African singer Petite Noir, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, and regular collaborator Paul White. It followed up his previous efforts spectacularly, the final piece in a trilogy of sorts, and earned praise in countless end of year lists for its uncompromising sound and subject matter.

Recently, video blogger Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop – who you may know as “the internet’s busiest music nerd” – interviewed Brown over Skype to discuss his influences (which range from Korn to Joy Division to TLC), the separation of rap and rock (which he blames Limp Bizkit for), and how his artistic career took a turning point after a stint in jail without the music he loved.

During the interview, the pair is unexpectedly joined by Mike Skinner of The Streets, who weighs in on Atrocity Exhibition and the magic of its Detroit-centric vision, as well as asking Brown a few questions of his own.

You can watch the interview in full below.

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