Watch a new documentary on Soichi Terada

The story of Soichi Terada is a fascinating one. The Japanese artist has long been followed by a dedicated fanbase in his home country since the 80’s, but it wasn’t till Hunee showcased Terada’s Sounds from the Far East, that the pioneering artists claimed his well deserved fame from the western audience.

Terada’s long career has expanded across the musical monopoly and his label Far East Recordings (alongside his good friend Shinichiro Takota), has allowed the producer to output his melodic and sample injected tracks.

The charismatic and beaming producer’s live show infuses his 90’s NYC house sound with Japanese elements such as karaoke and origami, to form a unique and effervescent show.

With such a historic past, Toco Toco Tv decided to do a brief documentary on the Japanese legend.

Listen to Soichi Terada’s Sounds from the Far East here.

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