Watch a documentary on Actress’ London Contemporary Orchestra collaboration

In a special live performance at the Barbican in February, Actress (aka Darren Cunningham) will be joined by the London Contemporary Orchestra.

We’ve been promised the premiere of brand new Actress material, alongside expanded arrangements of some of his existing tracks (I spy the sheet music for ‘Hubble’…)

With input from Cunningham and LCO arranger Hugh Brunt, Boiler Room went behind the scenes to discover more about this fascinating team-up. You can watch the resulting 5-minute documentary below.

As Actress, Cunningham has crafted some of the most incredible abstract electronica of the past decade. He’s also been on record as saying he wants to make “classical stuff for a modern generation” – this collaboration seems like a huge step in that direction.

Actress with the LCO is at the Barbican, 10th February. Tickets are available here, starting at £17.50. Alternatively, the performance will be broadcast live by Boiler Room.

Featured image: Richard Eaton


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