Tuesday Born Is ‘Singing In The Dark’ For Audio Doughnuts

Easing us into spring is the forthcoming EP from Audio Doughnuts’ Tuesday Born.

The multi-talented Tuesday Born, real name Gabriel Benn, is not only a producer, but also a jazz pianist and vocalist; assets which fundamentally shape this emotive record and push it beyond the remit of his excellent AD debut ‘Kwabena’/’A Minor Jam’.

The blatent influence of both South American and African sounds sets Benn apart from your average bedroom producer. He offers a soulful electronic soundscape, from the intricate piano melody of ‘Sleep With Stars’ and pitched vocals of the title track, to the steady serenade of ‘Wake’ (which features beats from hiphop specialist DNAE) and ambient closer ‘Drop The Clouds’.

‘Sleep With Stars’ was recently released as a single, with Debian Blak and Auntie Flo remixes, stream it here. Buy the full ‘Singing in the Dark’ EP from April 1.

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