Truss And Tessela To Release On Brothers

The new Brothers label is minted with four producers collaborating on a heavy, techno 12″.

The exciting new project Brothers will release anonymous, techno collaborations with the intention of the artists involved stepping out of their comfort zone. The first release has ‘UC’ on the A-side. The track is credited to ER & TR, who we know to be Tom & Ed Russell, aka Truss and Tessela (pictured).

Truss, who also produces as MPIA3, is no stranger to the brutal, acid techno of ‘UC,’ but we do see a new side to Tessela, whose releases to date have explored comparatively laidback sounds.

The B-side, ‘Multiple Visions’, is the work of AD & TD, whose identities the more clued-up amongst you may well guess. It has all the force of ‘UC’, but delivers its weight in a deeper, more entrancing style. Two top quality dancefloor weapons here.

Stream ‘UC’ below, and stream ‘Mulitple Visions’ from the Juno page here.

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