Tri Angle announces upcoming EP from Hanz, ‘Plasty I’

Tri Angle Records have announced an upcoming EP from North Carolina based producer Hanz, entitled ‘Plasty I’.

Scheduled for release in late January next year, the EP is the first in a two-record series influenced by film and shaped with cinematic techniques and structures in mind, with follow-up ‘Plasty II’ due for release late 2018.

‘Plasty’ isn’t Hanz’s first release for Tri Angle – they reissued his debut LP ‘Reducer‘ in early 2016. If that record is anything to go by, we can expect more heady excursions into a divergent, surreal sound-world populated by disorienting samples and influenced by hip-hop, punk, and experimental music.

Originally an illustrator, Hanz takes inspiration from a range of styles and disciplines in his approach to production.

Plasty I is out January 19th on Tri Angle Records. Pre-order it here.

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