The Caretaker signs out with final project, Everywhere At The End Of Time

The twenty-year project finishes. 

Acclaimed ambient hauntologist James Leyland Kirby, known to many as The Caretaker, has departed from his twenty year project under the alias with the final release to his six part series, Everywhere At The End Of Time

Launching The Caretaker project in 1999, Kirby has explored the effects of early-onset dementia through a catalogue of music that came originally inspired from the downfall of Jack Nicholson’s ‘caretaker’ character in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. 

Whilst stages four and five reflected the “post awareness” stage, the final chapter is stated as being “without description”, adding up to 90 minutes of music with track titles like ‘Confusion So Thick You Forget Forgetting’ and ‘Long Decline Is Over’. Hear the final episode below.

Out now via History Always Favours The Winners.

Find the complete edition of Everywhere at the end of time via Bandcamp here.

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