The Bug to release new album, Sirens, via Room40

The Bug is releasing a new album as Kevin Richard Martin, for the first time.

It’s influenced by the tumultuous delivery of his first child. His wife was forced to undertake emergency procedures during childbirth, followed by similarly serious operations on his son.

A few of the tracks were played live in 2015 and they’re said to be a cascading flow of non-stop sirens, fog-horns and bass frequencies. Lawrence English, who heard the tunes offered to publish them on his label, Room40.

He reported, “the… bass carrying in the space was literally breath-taking. There were moments when it seemed difficult to see clearly as my eye sockets were vibrating.” Listen to a track below.


01. ‘There Is A Problem’
02. ‘Bad Dream’
03. ‘After The Party’
04. ‘Life Threatening Operation 2’
05. ‘Alarms’
06. ‘Too Much’
07. ‘The Surgeon’
08. ‘Mechanical Chatter in the I.C.U.’
09. ‘Kangaroo Care’
10. ‘The Deepest Fear’
11. ‘Necrosis’
12. ‘Loss Of Consciousness’
13. ‘Finnaling’
14. ‘A Bright Future’

Sirens is out via Room40 on May 31st

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