Terre Thaemlitz Features In Latest Edition Of Mono.Kultur

The politically charged House DJ and producer will feature in the Spring edition of the German publication.

German magazine Mono.Kultur have announced Terre Thaemlitz, better known as Deep House artist DJ Sprinkles (amongst other aliases K-S.H.E and Social Material), will feature in their Spring 2015 edition, the extensive piece is entitled ‘Terre Thaemlitz: The Arrogance Of Optimism’. As well as a prolific DJ and producer, Thaemlitz is a writer and educator as well as being an outspoken advocate for transgender rights. Currently residing in Kawasaki, Japan after being an active member in the New York Disco scene during its 80s heyday, Thaemlitz continues to challenge social constructs surrounding gender within his music and writing. Learn more about Sprinkles in our interview from last year. 

The 48-page feature will be printed on six different stocks of paper and addresses Thaemlitz’s thoughts on “the politics of sexuality, his disillusion with the music industry, and why roller disco was so amazing.”


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 The Spring 2015 edition of mono.kultur is available now, order it here.

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