Ten Cities Project Hits Nairobi With Octa Push, Batida And Orlen Gerlitz

The Goethe Institute takes its dot-joining voyage through European and African music to Kenya.

Ten Cities‘ is a project commissioned by German cultural faculty The Goethe Institute, aimed at exploring the links between European and African electronic music and global club culture. As the name suggests the tour will touch down in ten cities, showcasing DJs, producers and musicians from around the world. So far the itinerary has taken in Luanda, Lagos and Johannesburg, and featured artists such as Hannes and Andi Teichmann, Pinch, Rob Smith, Dubmasta and Vakula.

Next stop is the Kenyan capital Nairobi on April 14th-May 1st, where Lisbon-based duo Octa Push are joined by Angolan producer Batida and Berliner Orlen Gerlitz (one third of electronic trio Jahcoozi) plus Kenyan natives  Just A Band and Camp Mulla. The two-week tour will culminate in a club event and two concerts in Nairobi, before heading on to Cairo in May.

You can keep up to date with the tour here and check below to hear Vavula and Hannes Teichmann’s collaboratory composition, recorded live during Ten Cities’ journey in Johannesburg.

Ten Cities

Ten Cities

Ten Cities


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