Teddy Fitzhugh Collects Nightlife In New Book ‘CLUB ARCHIVE’

Music and fashion photographer Teddy Fitzhugh has spent the past seven years going out and amassing an incredible collection of images of British club culture.

Now he’s compiled his best shots for a new book, ‘Club Archive’, a loving document of underground parties from 2008-2015, published by HeavyTIME Books. Fitzhugh’s arresting monochrome images are full of passion and youthful excitement. They capture all the emotion and nuances of the clubbing experience, from group ecstasy and dancefloor epiphanies to fleeting relationships and moments of intense personal bliss.

While electronic music evolves and styles change, Fitzhugh’s photos demonstrate that the ethos behind these parties stays the same.

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Teddy Fitzhugh will be exhibiting the project in Melbourne on November 14th as part of IPF 2015. You can purchase ‘Club Archive’ at HeavyTIME.


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