SYSTEM celebrates 7th birthday weekend in London and Amsterdam

V.I.V.E.K invites a cast of dubstep’s finest this weekend to celebrate all things SYSTEM.

Southall born-and-bred Vivek Sharda, more commonly known as V.I.V.E.K, is the artist, label owner, selector and man behind one of London’s most important dances, SYSTEM.

Active since the early 2000’s, V.I.V.E.K’s pursuance of soundsystem culture can be rooted to his early fascinations of eminent systems such as Aba Shanti and Jah Shaka. His highly influential dubstep night and label project SYSTEM operates on an ethos not of LFO-based purism, but rather a celebration of London’s vibrant sound system heritage, paying heed to everything from reggae and dancehall to dub and grime.

This weekend, SYSTEM will celebrate its 7th birthday in both London and Amsterdam, with the UK edition taking place at Canning Town’s new 600-capacity nightclub FOLD and the Saturday party landing at the infamous Melkweg venue.

Across both dances, dubstep OG’s N-Type, Quest, Hebbe, Headland, Commodo and of course V.I.V.E.K will perform, with Dego Ranking and Crazy D on hosting duties.

You can revisit our talk with the London soundman on dubstep’s current landscape and the night’s heritage here.

Tickets to both events are available here.

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