Stream A Video From Slava’s Debut Album, ‘Raw Solutions’

Born in Russia, emigrating to Chicago, and now settled in New York, Slava’s production is as eclectic as you might expect.

It’s weirdness suits Brooklyn’s Software Recordings Co. label, who have housed his music twice before, as well as that of Oneohtrix Point Never, Autre Ne Veut and Pete Swanson, carving out a niche as a consistently unpredictable and experimental imprint.

Slava combines Chicago house, juke and UK influence with R&B vocals, Vogue, and ambient in a genuinely indescribable album. The first video to emerge from ‘Raw Solutions’ is for the LP opener ‘Werk’. Directed by Michael Intile (with creative help from Katie Hickman and Richard Pedaline), it visualises the trippy and somehow simulteaneously retro and futuristic character of the track and album as a whole. Themes include dancing cyborgs, bored secretaries and drinking vodka in a cubical.

‘Raw Solutions’ will be released via Software Recording Co. on April 23, on limited vinyl as well as CD and digital formats.

Slava – ‘Raw Solutions’ full tracklisting:
1. Werk
2. Girl Like Me
3. Heartbroken
4. I Know
5. Girls On Dick
6. Wait
7. On It
8. Hold On
9. Crazy Bout U
10 How U Get That
11. Doit
12. Wit U

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