SPFDJ launches new label Intrepid Skin

The Berlin based Lina Jonsson, aka SPFDJ has announced the launch of her new label, Intrepid Skin. Two releases are already in the pipeline, with VTSS‘, ‘Self Will’ EP dropping this October. The Polish DJ and producer is already a familiar face at Warsaw’s infamous Brutaz parties, and her debut EP on Intrepid Skin will channel the techno, industrial and EBM sounds that provide the foundation for her full throttle DJ sets.

The second EP will arrive at the beginning of next year from the French-born mastering engineer Una K. SPFDJ has quickly become a key figure in the Berlin scene, hosting Cashmere Radio’s Cranial Handles show and running System.Out Sound, a community-driven sound system and event series which hosts multidisciplinary parties, listening events and community workshops. Her label will showcase the uncompromising sounds at the harder fringes of body music.

Self Will is out October 16th on Intrepid Skin.

More info here.

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