Special Request announces four albums on Houndstooth

Returning from hibernation with four albums he “made in his underpants.”

The alias of Paul Woolford, the album announcements follow two EPs and his 2017 full length, Belief System, all released via Houndstooth.

Vortex, the first of the four records to receive a release date, comes out May 31st again via the fabric led-label.

The press release describe the albums as “Strictly bowel-evacuating bangers”, with Woolford going on to state that he “had a right fucking doss making this. Fuck all that conceptual guff m888”.

Listen to ‘SP4NN3R3D’ now and check the tracklist for Vortex below.


1. Belgian Entrance
2. SP4NN3R3D
3. Memory Lake
4. Ardkore Dolphin
5. Fahrenheit 451
6. Vortex 150
7. Levitation
8. Fett
9. A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere

Vortex is out May 31st on Houndstooth. 

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