SoundCloud Copyright Policy Continues To Cause Controversy

Angered SoundCloud users have set up a petition in protest at the music distribution platform’s copyright policy.

If you’ve used social networking sites recently you’ll have been hard-pressed not to notice the number of DJs and producers venting their anger at SoundCloud, due to the increasing stringency of their copyright restrictions. It’s an issue that stretches back to early 2011, when the music distribution platform implemented the ‘Audible Magic’ content identification system, a move designed to clamp down on copyright infringement and uphold the rights of users creating original content.

Users at the time were outraged when DJ mixes and tracks began to disappear from the platform, often without challenge or objection from the artists or labels allegedly being infringed. Copyright infringement messages have become a regular burden for paying SoundCloud users over the past two years, with many frustrated members jumping ship for the cheaper services offered by the likes of Mixcloud or Mixcrate.

In recent weeks the issue appears to have reached new levels of confusion, with many producers complaining of their own original tracks being flagged up and removed for copyright infringement. It’s resulted in a petition being drawn up by users in protest at SoundCloud’s policy – you can read and sign it here, and check out SoundCloud’s official line on the matter here.


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