Shapednoise works with Rabit and Drew McDowall on new Numbers LP

A controlled collision of noise and metal with rave and hardcore”

Berlin based Industrial producer Shapednoise, known to frequently collaborate with artists like Mumdance and Logos, Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare, Gabor Lazar and Black Rain, is now set to debut on Numbers with his first album in four years.

Having released albums on labels like Type Records, Hospital Productions and Opal Tapes, his new record Aesthesis is made up of nine tracks that explore the collisions between noise, metal, rave and hardcore. It’s an extreme approach to sound frequently heard in his own music and that of his two labels Cosmo Rhythmatic and REPITCH, with the producer having recently dropped releases by King Midas Sound, Pinch, Shackleton & VTSS.

Continuing to collaborate on the LP, features on Aesthesis comes from Mhysa of Halycon Veil, Justin K Broadrick of Godflesh, ex-Coil and Psychic TV member Drew McDowall and Rabit.

Speaking on the record, Shapednoise describes the music as “intended as a sensory experience where the senses act as an interface” with aims to “generate a sense of unreal-yet-tangible space and time, where the physicality of the music builds up a place that exists between people and objects, rather than the other way around.”

Ahead of the release of Aesthesis, listen to CRx Aureal’ and watch an album trailer below.


01. ‘Intriguing In The End’ [Feat. Mhysa] 02. ‘Blaze’ [Feat. Justin K Broadrick] 03. ‘Elevation’
04. ‘Rayleigh Scattering’
05. ‘The Foolishness Of Human Endeavour’
06. ‘CRx Aureal’
07. ‘Blasting Super Melt’
08. ‘Unflinching’
09. ‘Moby Dick’ [Feat. Drew McDowall & Rabit]

Aesthesis is out November 8th on Numbers.

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