Seminal Drexciya album Neptune’s Lair reissued by Tresor

Drexciya: the most influential group in electro history. No one comes close to the legacy Detroit duo James Stinson and Gerald Donald have forged over the years, influencing countless artists young and old. They did things differently, from their underwater, wavejumper vision, to the futuristic sound design, contorting 808 beats into unheard sonics.

Stinson and Donald released three albums before Stinson’s unfortunate departure, all of which achieved wild reviews and legendary status. In 2002, both Grava 4 on Clone and Harnessed The Storm on Tresor dropped, radiating the trademark sonics Drexciya fans had come to love. Tunes such as ‘Dr. Blowfins’ Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres’, ‘Astronomical Guidepost’ and ‘Powers Of The Deep’ featured, blowing minds.

However, arguably the best of Drexciya’s three full-length releases was their debut album: Neptune’s Lair on Tresor in 1999. The album was loaded with 13 cuts of blissful, dynamic electro, shifting in personality with each cut. Fortunately, Tresor have reissued the LP alongside three other iconic albums from the 90s: Jeff MillsWaveform Transmission Vol.3, Infiniti‘s Skynet and Robert Hood‘s Internal Empire.

Released on the 30th November, find out more on the Tresor website.

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