This Sculpture Visualises Manhattan’s Musical History

If you’ve ever wondered how you could convert sound waves into a city skyline, then today is your lucky day…

After collecting a series of iconic tracks to represent each Manhattan area, artist John Davies began the lengthy process of converting the sound waves of various songs from the likes of Larry Levan, Kurtis Blow and Miles Davis into physical graphs. Layering them together, he created a miniature city reflection made out of laser-cut perplex. At first glance, the sculpture looks like a crystal copy of the area’s urban infrastructure, but in reality each variation in height represents a song that has played a key part in developing the local area’s musical identity. Artists such as Miles Davies represent Uptown, whereas Larry Levan & Talking Heads reside Downtown.

The work, entitled ‘Soundscape: The Physical Sounds of Manhattan’, addresses ‘the loss of multi sensory experience in music, caused by an attention deficit society operating in a digital world.’ By shining light on Manhattan’s intricate and rich musical ancestry, the piece is a unique yet tangible visualisation of music.

Perhaps we’ll see London done next…

For more information check out John Davies’ website (via The Creators Project)

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