“Immersive and retrospective” – Saatchi Gallery’s Sweet Harmony: Rave

Delve into the unadulterated DIY hedonism of UK rave culture.

The late 80’s saw the emergence of a scene and seminal culture now referred to as the second summer of love. Rave is a term that to many has lost its true meaning, becoming an umbrella term rather than referring to the DIY hedonism it gained such notoriety for, but the Saatchi Gallery and their latest exhibition Sweet Harmony: Rave sets out to steer the definition of rave back on course.

A fully informative, immersive and nostalgic journey back in time, Sweet Harmony comes kitted out with state of the art dj equipment, original rave posters and artwork, as well as some of Roland’s iconic instruments used to engineer rave’s cult sound.

The exhibition also treats visitors to some of the movements’ most iconic photography, encapsulating the magic of the rave and it’s hedonistic tendencies – lose yourself in the euphoria of David Swindell’s deep-in-the-dance snaps or lock into the nostalgia of the late Shaun Bloodworth’s moody camera work.

Every room has it’s own unique and specially curated soundtrack too – Fantazia awaits.

Sweet Harmony: Rave runs until 14th September 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery, get your tickets here.

Featured Images: David Swindells

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