Romare Takes It Back To His ‘Roots’ For New Single

The genre-bending producer announces a forthcoming album and EP for Ninja Tune. 

For an artist with only two releases under their belt, Romare has an amazing amount of excitement around his name. The hype is deserved – ‘Mediations On Afrocentrism’ and ‘Love Songs: Part One’ (both released on Black Acre in 2012/13 respectively) were incredibly unique, ranging through tempos and styles from Juke to House, decorated by exotic samples, colourful melodies and tribal grooves.

News arrived today of two exciting releases on Ninja Tune – the ‘Projections’ album, scheduled to arrive on February 15th, and its teaser EP ‘Roots’, which drops on December 1st. ‘Roots’ is available to stream below, and is accompanied by ‘Pusherman’ on the B-side. The press release describes Romare’s music as ‘fresh, funky as hell, deeply atmospheric and littered with stunning melody and compulsive rhythm’ – a description that applies suitably to ‘Roots’. The track is easily the most ‘House’ Romare has sounded – geared at a creative dancefloor with percussive, driving rhythms and a yawning bassline that grounds the affair.  

The ‘Roots’ EP is released on December 1st. You can pre-order your copy (both digital and vinyl) via the official Ninja Tune store

Romare will perform live alongside FunkinEven and Rolando at secretsundaze Dead Famous Halloween Party at Oval Space in London this Saturday, click here for more info

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