Rinse FM announce JASSS, Roman Flügel, Mor Elian amongst 52 new artists

52 new artists are being added to the bill covering every sound spectrum. 

Following the likes of Bok Bok, Varg, Mr. Mitch and DJ Bus Replacement Service recently joining the legendary UK station, former pirate Rinse FM now add a new wave of residents to their roster.

“From the depths of dusty house music to the wonkier side of techno” and beyond, Rinse have stated their aim is to cover every sound, again combining more established names with a wealth of new talent. Each of the 52 new artists will hold residencies over a four month period from June to September, with names including Chaos In The CBD, Roman Flügel, Pangaea, rkss, Machine Woman and Mor Elian.

See all of the new additions below, and follow Rinse FM here.

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