Rhythm Sister bring Mike Servito and DEBONAIR to Patterns

Female & LGBTQ DJ collective Rhythm Sister are putting on a party at Brighton’s Patterns this Saturday.

With Mike Servito and DEBONAIR heading the bill, this is the third night curated so far by the Rhythm Sister community, following on from previous parties at The Alibi and Rye Wax.

A DJ collective and platform with a purpose, Rhythm Sister are dedicated to the promotion and inclusion of female, transgender and LGBTQ selectors and artists, working to fight the under-representation of these groups in dance music and DJ culture and to inspire others to do the same.

Founder Jess Farley has said that the collective began as a “community and space where women can hang out, share music, and learn to DJ together.”

It’s since grown to encompass regular events, shows on Balamii and Radar Radio, and free daytime DJ workshops aimed at giving people a chance to learn the basics in a safe and inclusive environment, while getting to make use of a club soundsystem.


Rhythm Sister with Mike Servito and DEBONAIR takes place at Brighton’s Patterns on November 18. Get tickets here.

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