Raffertie Announces New EP For Ninja Tune

Raffertie’s forthcoming Ninja Tune release is a 4-track EP featuring his own vocals.

Benjamin Stefanski aka Raffertie has announced the release of his third EP on Ninja Tune, following 2012’s ‘Mass Appeal’. Dropping May 20th, the ‘Build Me Up’ EP follows a similar path to his last endeavour, with the producer adding his own vocal talents to four tracks taken from his forthcoming full-length album. Where ‘Mass Appeal’ saw only wispy snippets of his vocals, ‘Build Me Up’ features Stefanski more prominently, adding a tender touch to “a collection of snapshots, events and dreams inspired by his seaside hometown on the South Coast”.

The title track is an intense meeting of spacious atmospherics, punchy drums and emotive vocals, indicating a mature shift in Raffertie’s approach to production and song craft. Elsewhere on the EP, ‘Benediction’ is a wistful rendition of Hot Natured and Ali Love’s original, whilst ‘Trust’ and ‘Known’ continue the balance of atmosphere, melancholy and melody.

Hear the lead track below and head to the Ninja Tune site to pre-order the EP.

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