Rabit Announces Debut Album ‘Communion’

The Houston club producer is back on Tri Angle, this time with his first full-length.

Sonic disruptors Tri Angle continue their momentous year with the debut LP from Houston producer Eric Burton aka Rabit, entitled ‘Communion’.

Burton has previously offered up a stellar collection of EPs on the likes of Glacial Sound and Diskotopia, and has established himself as one of the most vital and innovative ‘club’ producers operating at the moment. With his first LP, Burton has ‘heavily politicized his music in a way he’d only hinted at before’. According to the press release: ‘“Communion” is a complex, disorientating album, and one that feels especially timely considering it was primarily inspired by issues relating to sexuality, gender, ownership of our natural bodies, societal and governmental injustices, and media manipulations, the discussion of which have been so prevalent of late.’

We’ve been following Rabit for a number of years at Hyponik. Listen to his brazen Hyp mix from 2013 and read our reviews for his brilliant ‘Double Dragon’ and ‘Baptizm’ EPs.

Check out the tracklist, and stream ‘Pandemic’ from the album below:


01. Advent
02. Snow Leopard
03. Fetal
04. Artemis
05. Ox
06. Flesh Covers the Bone
07. Pandemic
08. Burnerz
09. Glass Harp Interlude
10. Black Gates
11. Trapped in This Body

‘Communion’ is out October 30 on Tri Angle Records.

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