Prayer announces new Goodbye EP on Grade 10

The moving three-tracker sees the producer return to his family label for the first time since 2015.

Having founded Grade 10 three years ago alongside seven other artists, Prayer has established himself as a truly uncategorizable producer, composing outside-the-box electronic music in unique fashion. Such a stylistic approach is reflected in his contributions to the label, who have established themselves as a strong-minded, DIY force who’ve gone on to launch BACK TO LIFE club nights, and BACK TO LIFE radio. The new EP marks a welcome return to familiar territory, though nothing is predictable about the sound.

Channelling a medley of inspirations, Prayer’s distinctive individual sound encompasses elements of breakbeat, ambient, jungle and classical on the upcoming Goodbye EP. Having released Vital on Black Acre earlier this year, the artist’s latest sonic offering has a dramatic intensity equally akin to an orchestral crescendo, a climatic film scene or sweaty jungle rave. Opening track ‘Action’, a nod to Prayer’s appreciation of film music, combines sharp strings, space-age ambience and salient bass to create a startling piece of music. This leftfield masterclass is continued in B1 tune ‘Late’, a juxtaposing composition of upbeat jungle percussion and sombre, grieving synthwork. Concluding title-track ‘Goodbye’ pairs powerful vocals with sedate violins, creating an impassioned end to the release. You can listen to Goodbye EP ‘s final track below.

Set for release on 2nd November, pre-order Prayer’s latest EP from the Grade 10 Bandcamp here.

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