Pioneer announce their new industry-standard multi-player, the CDJ-3000

The new model is the most expansive transformation of the CDJ, offering DJ’s a new world of creative opportunities. 

As one of the leading brands for DJ equipment, Pioneer have revealed the redesign of their world-renowned CDJ. With new advancements, the CDJ-3000 aims to significantly improve the user-experience with a faster reacting and smoother processing system.

Using an MPU for the first time in a CDJ, this new component has allowed Pioneer to add further functions to the model. Making it the most expansive version of the kit in its history.

Other features include a nine-inch high definition touchscreen with increased brightness (increased 150% on the CDJ-2000NXS2). This new screen has allowed for added options, again creating further ease in the DJ experience. For example, you can now use ‘Touch Preview’ to listen to a track, simply by touching the waveform on the display, no need to cue. The jog-wheel has also been redesigned, allowing for a more realistic touch in play.

The addition of Gigabit Ethernet connection for Pro DJ Link, allows six players to be connected at one time with using different USBs and SD cards, when combined with the DJM-V10 mixer. In particular, UK DJ and member of 6 Figure Gang, Sherelle commented on how this new function will finally allow 6 Figure Gang to do a proper B2B together.

Pioneer’s CDJ-3000 is available now at £2169.

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