Parris, DJ Python and more recruited for Carmen Villain remix album

Oslo Based producer Carmen Villain is set to release six fresh new remixes for her 2019 album Both Lines Will Be Blue, with the original records fusion of ambient dub, electro-acoustic and field recordings being given six rhythmic treatments.

The new mini-album features club ready tracks by Parris and Karima F, deep atmospheric reggaeton by DJ Python, fourth-world jams by D.K. and Yu Su and a far-out dancehall dub by Jay Glass Dubs.

The album will drop on vinyl and digital February 28th via Smalltown Supersound. You can pre-order the record now via bandcamp and preview Parris’ slow burning, dubbed out remix now.


1. Observable Future (Parris Remix)
2. I Trust You (DJ Python Remix)
3. Observable Future (D.K. Remix)
4. Type (Karima F Remix)
5. Are You For Real (Jay Glass Dubs Laicalg Version)
6. Impossible Color (Yu-Su Remix)

Both Line Will Be Blue Remixed is released of February 28th via Smalltown Supersound.

Pre-order the record here.

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