Nottingham’s newest festival ‘Wigflex’ announces first wave of artists

The multi-venue festival will focus on well-being through panels, workshops and community projects.

Lukas Wigflex knows how to throw a party. The Nottingham veteran has been the mastermind behind countless events for some 12 years, famed for intelligently curated lineups and thorough approaches to production. With such a skillset, it’s only logical for the DJ and label boss to venture into the world of festivals. Picking the familiar territory of his home town, Wigflex has announced the details for this new project.

Whilst most music festivals tend to focus solely upon the obvious, Wigflex has chosen to look beyond music at his self-titled extravaganza. Working with local charities, and providing panels, workshops and community projects, a prominent focus lies on well-being and making a lasting difference on the local community. Given the current political and social climate of the UK, this is a refreshing dimension of promotion and focus.

Despite this added focal point, the music has by no means suffered. After all, Lukas has over a decade’s experience of putting on parties. The lineup sees an array of local and international artists step up to the decks in the Northern city, not only booking DJs but innovative live acts too. With the likes of Gilles Peterson, Avalon Emerson, DJ Stingray B2B Mumdance and Bufiman (Live), the sonic element of the festival will offer something for everyone. Here’s what Lukas had to say about his ideas behind 5th May 2019’s ‘Wigflex’.

“While our parties have been about escapism and fun, this festival is more of an opportunity to bring that ethos together with world famous artists and the most valuable sects of Nottingham’s creative community in a way that feels seamless…it’s never really been attempted before up here, so we’re excited to see where it takes us.”

Find out more information and buy your ticket here.

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