Nomadico announces debut album ‘The Code Switcha’

The Underground Resistance affiliate showcases diverse technique whilst detailing his musical journey.

2002 marked the year that Dan Caballero, a.k.a. Nomadico, upped sticks from his East-LA home to Detroit, famed for its indelible imprint on contemporary electronic music. The decision to travel to the Motor City proved priceless. Here, the California native received tutelage from the prominent 313 imprint Underground Resistance, polishing his production techniques and tuning his ear through the study of techno theory. By grounding his knowledge in the UR philosophy of sound, Nomadico has refined his output into a multidimensional medley of top-drawer dance music. Having contributed to Interstellar Fugitives 2, as well as releasing individual EPs Yaxteq and The Nomadico EP on UR, the travelled producer and DJ’s ability to architect sensational 808-riddled techno is obvious. The announcement of a debut feature length album will no doubt be music to the ears of Detroit techno fanatics.

Coming out on his own label, Yaxteq, The Code Switcha maps Nomadico’s experiences and allegiances across the two metropolises. ‘HustLA’ carries a clear reference to Caballero’s home town, whilst ‘Backyard Trippin” accredits the LA backyard party scene as a source of inspiration. Pattering percussion and rhythmical, warming basslines are stylistic of the classically technical output of the UR label. Combined, the influence of the two cities marries to create a multifaceted release ranging from soothing ambiance to dancefloor destroyers. Have a listen to the album’s ten tracks below.

Coming out in November this year, you can find out more information from the Yaxteq website here.

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