NOCHEXXX Launches New Album At Ace Hotel

Ramp Recordings man NOCHEXXX is to celebrate the release of his new album with a free party at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch. 

‘Thrusters’ is to be the debut album from the Cambridge based MPC enthusiast, who has kept his discography relatively brief since debuting back in 2009 on Actress’ WerkDiscs. Making tripped out, cinematic electronica, the most immediate reference points evoked when listening to NOCHEXXX are the aforementioned Actress and other mavericks such as Zomby, but given his resolute individuality these comparisons are only broad ones. Out now on Ramp Recordings, ‘Thrusters’ is accompanied by an brilliantly bizarre animated short film (made by Plastic Horse), which you can watch below.

Starting from 10pm tomorrow night you can check NOCHEXXX doing his thing alongside Ramp Recordings DJ’s at the swish Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Find out more info here.

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