New Photo Book Looks At Acid House Flyers

The imminently released volume shines a spotlight on,”the last significant youth culture movement of modern times”. 

The mid to late 80’s is a period of British Dance Music history that has been mythologized endlessly through the mediums of film, music and photography over the years. At its zenith during ‘the summer of love’ in 1989 there were open air parties taking place all over the country with thousands of people dancing to Acid House and Rave music. Occurring in a time before mobile phones and the internet, these parties – often at secret locations, were often publicised almost solely through flyers. Informing people about the location and time of these events, these flyers were also often beautifully designed works of art that tapped into the colourful aesthetic of the era.

Having previously exhibited her personal collection of 80’s Rave ephemera, author Chelsea Louise Berlin has collated her flyers into a new book, ‘Rave Culture’. Explaining the importance of the flyers at the time, Berlin says, “The invites would come to us sometimes when we still in the clubs, most often when we leaving in the early hours, on occasion just by passing someone or standing with them in the cloakroom queue and getting into a conversation, but practically all the invites were in the form of printed flyers of one medium or another: paper ones, plastic ones, fabric ones, laminated or even edible ones on the odd occasion (they haven’t survived in good enough condition for this book alas) but of every shape, style and genre you could think of.”

Featured alongside personal reminisces from Berlin and a host of rave attendees, the flyers document the rise and fall of a scene that continues to influence the present day.

rave art 2 rave art 3 rave art 4 rave art 5 rave art 6 rave art 7

‘Rave Culture’ is out Thursday 9th October on Carlton Books. Buy it here.  


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