New Mor Elian EP set for release on Fever AM

Set for release in November, Move Like Atoms is the third release on the label.

Since the age of ten, Mor Elian has been involved in making music, originally in Tel-Aviv, her hometown, and later Los Angeles and Berlin. Such experience shows, and has seen the talented producer and DJ establish herself on the world stage. Releases on Prime Numbers and Delft reflect the scene-wide acknowledgement Elian has received, as do the blockbuster performances at the likes of Panorama Bar and De School that the DJ churns out on a regular basis. Move Like Atoms is her second release on Fever AM, the imprint she co-runs with Alex Tsiridis, a.k.a. Rhyw. Elian continues her 2018 hot streak with this rollercoaster of an EP. Having released Persona Non Grata on Hypercolour and Fairplex Drive on Radio Matrix earlier this year, the Israeli’s latest offering hones similarly leftfield electro and techno across the four tracks.

Opening track ‘Dossgroove’ deals haymaker after haymaker, packed with thudding kick drums and killer breaks. Mystical pads juxtapose the weighty percussion in the foreground, adding another masterful layer to the track. The title piece serves up another blend of hypnotic melodies and off-kilter beats. Another powerful breakbeat number, the track radiates an energy that has become synonymous with the Israeli producer. ‘Russian Wave Group’ is textually diverse with crafty sound design; hollow clangs saunter alongside room-filling kicks, spacey pads and spell-binding synthwork. Final cut ‘Agora’ maintains the release’s quality, combining yet more propulsive percussion with floating chords to expert effect. Listen to EP opener ‘Dossgroove’ below.

Set for release on the 5th November, you can pre-order a copy here.

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