New Keysound Compilation ‘Certified Connections’ Announced

Keysound Recordings hit their 50th release with a follow up compilation to last year’s ‘This Is How We Roll’.

Next month Dusk & Blackdown’s label hit their landmark release after a string of impressive output this year – with substantial EPs from themselves in ‘Back 2 Go FWD>>’  and in Sully’s ‘Blue’, as well as acclaimed LPs from Wen and LV & Josh Idehen. The title ‘Certified Connections’, was taken from Blackdown’s ever-insightful blog exploring the term, and was chosen by the family as something ‘representative of the things that link us, but also separate us’.

This Is How We Roll‘ provided a unique snapshot of just one of the areas that the ever-mutating ‘hardcore continuum’ had ended up – somewhere between 2-Step’s darkest textures, Dubstep’s eternal sense of space and the erratic rhythms of Grime and Funky. As Blackdown writes, “‘Certified Connections’, expands the ideas and sounds from its predecessor, with tracks selected that reflect the ‘strength of solidarity and the unity of purpose around these artists right now: working within a darker (but sometimes colourful), rolling (but sometimes arresting) and bassier (but not without subtleties) space”.

With a crew of label affiliates, both established and new additions, ‘Certified Connections’ explores the common ground between the producers as well as the different shades they portray.

CD tracklisting

01) Logos – ‘Metropolis’
02) Parris – ‘Pressure’
03) Dusk + Blackdown – ‘Wot Do You Mean?! (dub)’
04) Aphix – ‘Sin King’
05) Caski – ‘Tunnel Music’
06) Etch – ‘Champion Dancehall’
07) Wen – ‘It’s Alot’
08) Balistiq Beats ft. Riko – ‘Rise The Machine (Yardman Riddim, Sully remix)’
09) Murlo – ‘Broken Arrow’
10) DLVRY – ‘Guilt’
11) E.m.m.a. – ‘Light Years’
12) Facta – ‘Quince’
13 Epoch – ‘Aerospace’
14 Luke Benjamin – ‘Asha’

‘Certified Connections’ will be released as both CD, 2X12″ Vinyl and Digital.

The official release date is November 24th. 

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